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Greg Monroe denies being offered 5-year, $60 million deal by Pistons

The Moose took to Twitter to deny reports circulating on the internet.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Greg Monroe's free agency remains unresolved, and while several media reports indicated he had turned down a five-year, $60 million deal from the Detroit Pistons, the New Orleans native denied it on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Monroe, just returned from a trip to Africa, responded to a couple of tweets from fans who questioned him for seemingly turning down profitable offers that were rumored to be put on the table by the Pistons. Several reports indicated Detroit offered the restricted free agent first a $60 million deal that would have paid him $12 million per season and, later, a more lucrative offer on a per-year basis for an undisclosed number of years. The latter deal would have made him the highest paid Piston, besting the current $13.5 million per year Josh Smith receives.

Monroe flatly denied these offers exist:

Several second-hand media reports made up the second contract offer's total value despite the fact that no years or specific contract values were given. This means that his second denial, while possibly truthful, may not reflect the actual offer that was made.

The entire exchange serves to illustrate that this is an ongoing negotiation, and that rumors of contract offers are just that -- rumors.  We won't know the exact facts of the conversations the Pistons and Monroe's camp have had, nor the desire or intent of either side, until this whole thing is over. Even then, expect each side to give out the most convenient story for them.

On to the conspiracy theories, reading between the lines and assumptions, DBB!