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Brandon Jennings trolls Twitter, hypes fake single release

Brandon Jennings took to Twitter to hype the release of his new single. But it doesn't exist. We hope.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

During the dog days of August, even NBA players can get bored. And so Brandon Jennings sat Friday night with apparently nothing to do. And instead of going to the club to drop ... an unknown substance (maybe Ibuprofen!), he instead went on Twitter and started hyping up the release of his new single.

The only problem was that the single didn't exist. But that didn't stop his fans from getting excited. Many emojis were unleashed as people reacted to the news, mostly of the crying variety for some reason.

There is a long line of NBA players thinking that it's a great idea to give the world what it really needs ... a rap album. Previous attempts have claimed the likes of Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Chris Webber, Tony Parker and Allen Iverson.

Just so people understand the depths of hilariously bad mic skills we're talking about here, have a taste of Chris Webber's song "Gangster, Gangster" (featuring Kurupt) I highlight it because it is so painfully 90s in the best worst way, features a local guy in C. Webb and also because it takes 45 seconds and several bars from Kurupt before Webber even joins in on the fun.

So any and all future NBA players promises to drop a single ... will be met with skepticism to say the least.

Unfortunately, the only more horrifying than the promised Jennings single is Jennings' (or maybe one of his friends') Photoshop skills.

He quickly dropped the charade and got to the "punchline." And while it didn't exactly elicit a belly laugh, it did allow me to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Here's to hoping to no album drops and much less embarrassment on and off the court for all Pistons players this season.

H/T to Hardwood Paroxysm.