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Paul George’s injury ends Team USA’s exhibition

Andre Drummond struggled in Friday night's showcase, but the real story was Paul George's gruesome leg injury.

Ethan Miller

It was supposed to be a lighthearted, yet competitive nationally televised (ESPN) scrimmage between some of the best talent from the NBA, including Andre Drummond.

Unfortunately, the night turned to gloom in the fourth quarter when young star Paul George's right leg landed beyond awkwardly up against the basket stanchion after he tried to get back and defend James Harden on the break. George's right foot got jammed at the base of the stanchion and his momentum kept going, resulting in, well, a really devastating and stomach-churning leg injury. George had to be taken off the floor on a stretcher and transported to a nearby hospital. The game was rightfully called.

After the game, Coach K and Jerry Colangelo refused to talk about the game and said that any roster decisions are currently unimportant. Colangelo stressed that they're going to take some time away from basketball and asked the media to not bug him with questions about the roster.

About that... Drummond entered the game challenging for a spot as one of the team's bigs. It had been reported that he should make the team along with either Mason Plumlee or DeMarcus Cousins as backup to Anthony Davis, but he mostly struggled in his 14 minutes on Friday night.

Drummond grabbed five rebounds and shut down Mason Plumlee when DeMarcus Cousins could not, but he missed a couple ugly jump-hook shots and a bunny. He looked sluggish, if not heavy and out of shape, as IamPap and bench_blob pointed out in the comments. advanced stats writer John Schuhmann tweeted the following during the game:

But again, quite inconsequential in the grand scheme of things -- Paul George is where all the focus should be.

Drummond was one of the first to realize the injury and jump up from the bench after George went down. He was also quick to tweet the following after the game:

Our thoughts here at DBB are also with Paul George and his Pacers family.