Drummond Makes The Cut

It has been freshly announced that Andre Drummond is one of the 12 players Team USA will be taking to Spain, along with other bigs Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and white dynamite Mason Plumlee. Of course, this backlog of centres on the team doesn't translate well in terms of consistent playing time for Dre, but to make the roster is a big step for him and a great sign for Detroit basketball. I myself am not American, so I don't really care that Plumlee made the squad and the four cut players, Gordon Hayward, Damian Lillard, Kyle Korver and Chandler Parsons, may have been better served in this big-heavy system, but Coach Krzy Kryze K, seems to favour his Duke alumnus over roster balance, thankfully picking up that UConn center, forgotten his name. Either way, this may be in anticipation of a match against Spain, with their big rotation including the Gasol towers and Serge I-Blocker.

Either way, I'll leave it on this note.


Lol who am I kidding, we'll probably go out in first knockout at best. Unless Matthew Dellavedova and Dante Exum combine for 50-25-20 regularly.

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