Who the hell is this V. guy anyway?

This will be entertaining.

Once upon a time, DBB wanted to include me in their "Who the hell is...?" series. I declined. I wasn't doing so well, I had gotten involved in a business deal which ended very badly.

Let's see...about me briefly, mid-50s, single, serial heterosexual although almost married a couple of times, sometimes pro gambler, sometimes attorney (although these days it's more the latter). Two WSOP final tables, for those who understand and keep score. Lots of metallic looking pieces of plastic from airlines and hotel chains.

Last 90 days, made a big comeback and finally hit a home run with a client on the law side. So, I'm a little more content with how things are going. I should be back in full style and profile by next summer. Fire away.

Reason I'm doing this? Because I need to be a little more filtered from here on out.

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