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Introducing #AskDBB: Let Detroit Bad Boys answer all of your burning questions

Help us make the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast and the best SBNation / Pistons / Basketball/Podcast / Time Suck / Internet domain on the Interwebs!

Original Photo: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With just Monroe Watch 2014 and U.S.Dre to keep us occupied during these dog days of August, Detroit Bad Boys has a humble request of its loyal readers: Help us be better.

And to further that goal, we are introducing #AskDBB. Think of it as a reader mailbag option, with the best submissions being answered by the DBB Brain Trust on the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast, and if we get enough submissions, we might even expand the feature into a regular written piece on the website.

What kind of questions are suitable for #AskDBB? All kinds.

Obviously, we are ready, willing and able to answer any Detroit Pistons-related questions. These can be serious or silly, covering the present iteration of the team or any players in its storied past. They can be off the wall, inconsequential or require us to plumb the depths of basketball-reference to research our Very Serious Answers.

Questions about Andre Drummond on Team USA? How Josh Smith could help the Pistons in 2014? Whether Tony Mitchell deserves playing time? Bring 'em on.

They can also be questions about the most recent NBA player movements (Hi, Kevin Love, welcome to the Central Division), team performance, of anything else. In fact, they don't even have to be basketball related at all. The writers and readers at Detroit Bad Boys all have lives outside of the site and outside of the Pistons (though basketball obviously sucks up a lot of the oxygen).

If you're dying to talk about something just ask. The bigger the variety the better the results and the more interesting the answers will inevitably be.

There are three ways readers can submit questions for consideration for the Podcasts or future mailbag posts. The first, as you might have guessed, is to send questions via Twitter to @DetroitBadBoys using the hashtag #AskDBB. You can also submit a question via Detroit Bad Boys' Facebook page. Again, just use the hashtag #AskDBB.

But if you're not on Twitter, and Facebook isn't your thing, you can submit your questions via email to sean.patrick.corp (at) gmail (dot) com. Please put #AskDBB in the subject line so that we can easily identify podcast and mailbag questions.

One of those options will not be to leave a comment on a post. The downside of leaving questions in comments is that there are so many smart, knowledgeable DBB readers that by the time the podcast rolls around a question will have probably been answered and every angle explored by readers before the podcast is actually released.

So, for this introductory post at least, comments have been disabled and we ask that you send your questions via Twitter or via email.