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Andre Drummond goes to Spain, Gigi Datome stays in Detroit

After one week off, the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast returns to discuss the FIBA World Cup, answer reader questions and keep raising expectations unreasonably high for Stan Van Gundy's first season in Detroit.

NBA / Getty Images

Matt Watson and Sean Corp discuss Team USA's surprising decision to bring Andre Drummond to Spain for the FIBA World Cup. Also, we introduce the first #AskDBB segment, focusing on Drummond's development defensively and how soon until he drags the Pistons back into contention. Next, we dig into Gigi Datome's decision to turn down an offer to return to Europe, and whether he has a future in Detroit's rotation.

Sean points out some surprising statistics about Detroit's new free agents and what that might mean for the Pistons' offense in 2014-15. Last but not least, longtime DBB commenter V. stars in our favorite FanPost of the week.

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