OT: Firsthand look at the turnaround in Oklahoma City

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's the off-season, so I figured it couldn't hurt to share this. I just released a travel documentary about Oklahoma City, 36 minutes in all, exploring the rise of the city as a startup and creative hotspot. I traveled to OKC with a film crew to document a pretty wide range of subjects in an abbreviated visit, and this video is the result.

I'm new to the whole on-camera thing, preferring to hold the camera or work behind the scenes, but I think it turned out well. During my visit, I climbed the abandoned grain elevator that is now Rocktown Gym, I rowed with the US Mens Olympic Rowing Team, I met with startup entrepreneurs and neighborhood activists and even stood on center court with Thunder VP Dan Mahoney. I challenged him to a game of horse. He declined.

There's no relation to DetroitBadBoys here, but yours truly is featured heavily on camera, so the community can see what this Mike Payne guy (referred to here as Seamus) looks like.

I eventually hope to do more of these, and do have some avenues for TV down the road, but this was a personal "proof of concept" to run on my magazine. The video launched today.

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