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Finding a solution for the Greg Monroe stalemate

Should the Pistons up their one-year offer to Greg Monroe?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Tom Ziller tried to think out some solutions to the Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe stalemates. Let's take Bledsoe out of the picture and focus on Monroe. Here's what Ziller concluded:

Given that we have no idea what Detroit's offering*, and given that we do not think Monroe actually wants to play with Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings any more, Monroe's best route might be one that two restricted free agents took in 2009. Faced with a dried-up market and no long-term interest from the Knicks David Lee and Nate Robinson reached one-year deals above the qualifying offer in 2009. Lee ended up making three times his qualifying offer, and Robinson also did much better than the QO. A year later, as unrestricted free agents, both players ended up signing healthy deals. (The much taller All-Star's deal was significantly healthier, in fairness.)

The best solution for Detroit and Monroe might be one of those one-year specials. It'd give Stan Van Gundy more time to try to move Smith while letting Monroe make a wage commensurate with his production while getting to unrestricted free agency soon. ... the Detroit stalemate needs a spark, and something like a one-year, $10 million deal that defers cap space and Monroe's real free agency to next summer could do the trick.

*We know now that the Pistons have offered Monroe something north of $13.5 million per year over four years.

Some have speculated that the Pistons are bidding against themselves by raising their offer to Monroe. We don't know all the ins and outs there, the what have yous, but a one-year offer higher than the already-out-there qualifying offer would certainly be that. It doesn't make any sense, especially if it's true that Monroe simply wants a change of scenery.

The Pistons are in complete control here and they've laid all of their cards out on the table. The end to the stalemate is now in Greg Monroe's hands.