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Detroit Bad Boys Podcast: Greg Monroe wants more than the most ever

We want to put DBB in your ear. This week: whither Greg Monroe?

Original photo: Mark L. Baer / USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons are trying to make Greg Monroe the highest-paid player in team history ... and it's still not enough. What does it mean? Will he eventually cave and sign a long-term deal? Would he prefer a shorter deal with a player option? Does he want out of Detroit so badly that he'd leave tens of millions on the table in favor of a one-year deal? And if he does, where does he rank among next summer's crop of free agent big men?

Sean Corp, Ben Gulker and Matt Watson discuss those questions and more on the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast. Come for the conversation about the NBA's top remaining free agent on the market, stay for the collective regret over the 2011 NBA draft. Plus, off-topic fawning over our favorite FanPost of the week: Mike Payne's Oklahoma City documentary for TheCoolist (everyone go drink more SmartWater so we can bring him to Detroit).

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Some relevant links mentioned in the podcast:

• Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press: Free agency not working out for Greg Monroe as talks remain at a standstill

• Sean Corp: Pistons offer Monroe largest deal in team history

• Kevin Pelton of ESPN Insider: Next-level look at 2015 free agency

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