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Darko Milicic is a professional kickboxer now

Because, of course.

This photo never gets old. Ever.
This photo never gets old. Ever.
Christian Petersen

Darko Milicic was not a good NBA player. That's not entirely his fault. He didn't force the Detroit Pistons to draft him No. 2 overall in 2003. And while he's not the first second-overall pick to be an NBA bust (hello, Hasheem), he did have the misfortune of busting out in the same draft class as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and several other really good players.

Milicic hasn't played since being released by the Boston Celtics in 2012. Since then he has competed in the World Carp Classic, but that apparently hasn't sated his appetite for competition. Now, Darko is poised to become a professional kickboxer in his native Serbia.

Milicic will sign a deal with the World Kickboxing Association on Wednesday in Belgrade, and at the same event there will be an announcement of who Milicic will face in his first match.

And, hey, if this kickboxing thing works out maybe he can parlay it into a career in the world of professional wrestling. He could make a great heel and he's got the mic skills down pat. (WARNING: NSFW and not suitable for anyone with mothers).

H/T to DBBer poundtherock2 who beat me to it in FanShots.