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What if the Detroit Pistons wore soccer kits?

Emilio Sansolini, a graphic design artist, re-imagined every NBA jersey as a soccer kit, posting his work at Here's the Detroit Pistons version:


Emilio describes his motivation behind the project:

I've read that we should be ready to see sponsors' logos on NBA jerseys in a few years and I decided to make a quick experiment. What if NBA teams were football clubs?

I really like it -- in fact, I like it a lot more than the mockup of the "Motor City" sleeved jersey the Pistons will reportedly wear this year. Hey NBA, just hire Emilio, OK?

Take a look at the complete collection and give us your favorites in the comments. It's hard to separate my reaction to each kit's overall design from the hometown sponsor, but I'm especially partial to the Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks and New Orleans (Fender? So cool). The Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz, though? Ouch.