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Greg Monroe 'definitely' willing to re-sign with Pistons

Greg Monroe spoke publicly for the first time since his suspension for DUI and signing the one-year qualifying offer.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pistons big man Greg Monroe is not the kind of person to seek the spotlight. He hasn't made waves, good or bad, in the press, in social media or in the locker room. So it's no surprise that he has largely been silent since signing his qualifying offer and the announcement that he has been suspended for the first two games of the season as a result of a February DUI arrest.

Monroe spoke to the media for the first time since the events of his odd offseason while on hand at Carver S.T.E.M. Academy in Detroit where Pistons players and coaches read to children and unveiled a new media center.

At the event Monroe was asked specifically whether he would consider re-signing in Detroit after this season and his response was "definitely."

Was it simply a diplomatic response or was he being serious? If you ask most national pundits Monroe has already punched his ticket out of town. Monroe didn't re-sign in Detroit because he wants to leave as soon as possible. He didn't want teams to offer him a deal because he was afraid the Pistons would match. He wants to be a center. He wants away from Josh Smith. Blah, blah, blah.

Maybe it's all true or maybe it's all bull. I don't know and I have no reason to do anything other than take Monroe at his word. But I would note that Vincent Goodwill quoted an actual source close to Monroe who indicated signing the qualifying offer was much more about the patience of waiting for a deal that was paying him what he was worth and playing where he was happy.

In the same media session he also addressed his DUI arrest, saying, "I understand I made a mistake. I also understand that doesn't define me."

I'm sure Monroe will be asked plenty of more questions about his future in Detroit, and his answers will be heavily scrutinized. Pistons media day is Monday and training camp opens Tuesday. Soon we'll be able to get back to actual basketball.