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Andre Drummond sick, couldn't finish game vs. Hawks

Drummond only played 17 minutes on Friday night.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It was after the embarrassing Raptors game in December when Andre Drummond made a comment about needing to give Pistons fans a reason to get to The Palace. The Pistons have finally given their fans plenty of reason and unfortunately the young big man couldn't even enjoy it against the Atlanta Hawks.

The Palace saw a turnout of almost 20,000 on Friday night, the second-largest crowd of the season, but Drummond only played 17 minutes due to an illness.

Drummond looked lethargic from the start of the game and simply not himself, leading to speculation during the game that he was laboring due to the cold he supposedly battled earlier in the week. Stan Van Gundy confirmed as much after the game.

"He was sick this morning at the walk through," Van Gundy said. "He tried to play, but I thought he had no energy at all in the first half. At half time he said he could go so we put him back out there again and he wasn't even getting up an down the floor, he was just walking around, so it just made no sense."

Drummond was replaced by Joel Anthony at the 7:51 mark in the third and did not return. He finished with four points, five rebounds and two steals.

No word on Drummond's status for Saturday night against the Nets, but he recently posted his normal game day Instagram photo, so that means he should be good to go, right?

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