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Andre Drummond: 'Every time I see a shot go up, it's like a pass to me'

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond is a work in progress, which is incredible considering the unfinished product is already an amazing player. Jason Brunskowski outlined Drummond's statistical progress and reliance on Greg Monroe earlier today, but Drummond himself discussed some of the on-court improvements that he's trying to add to his game by emulating his teammate in a must-read article by Sports Illustrated's Rob Mahoney:

"Nowadays, everyone wants six, seven different moves," Drummond said. "For me, I'm not primarily a low-post player. I'm a rebounder. I run, block shots, and do all the dirty work. I feel like for me I needed to keep it simple and if I could get three basic moves, then I could use that."

The three moves in question, per Drummond: a basic jump hook off of two crab dribblesa similar setup leading to a counter spin, and a head-and-shoulder fake to throw defenders off his timing. He credits Pistons assistant Brendan Malone for solidifying his moves, as well as former assistants Roy Rogers and Rasheed Wallace for laying the groundwork. Also involved in Drummond's low-post education is a tutor among his peers: frontcourt counterpart Greg Monroe.

"[Monroe] has all the tricks in the world in his game," Drummond said. "He catches me almost nine times out of 10. He makes it hard. He knows that he's not as athletic as I am, so he has all kinds of head and shoulder fakes, up-and-down moves to throw me off to get to the basket. I watch him sometimes to see the things that he does to knock a defender off balance to get to the rim so easily."

The entire article is worth reading, so let me throw the link at you one more time — The Craft: Rise of Andre Drummond. The Big Penguin breaks down specific maneuvers he's trying to master, as well as crystalizing his selfless mindset in a way that makes Pistons fans drool:

"Every time I see a shot go up, it's like a pass to me," Drummond said. "Guys focus on points and getting assists. My goal is to go out and get 20 rebounds a night."

That mindset – combined with the fact he's taller, stronger and more motivated than 99 percent of his opponents – makes him a joy to watch. He wants every rebound. All of them. Just ask Kyle Singler:

Go get 'em, Dre.