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Pistons vs. Pelicans final score: Detroit pelted by New Orleans, 105-94

The Pistons never led, never had a chance.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is not advised that the Detroit Pistons make a habit out of falling behind big in first halves so that they have to form a expletive wall comeback in the second. Sometimes that strategy will bite them in their ... behinds. After falling back on the New Orleans Pelicans by 22 in the first half on Wednesday night (and as many as 24), the Pistons were incapable of making things even relatively interesting in the second half, ultimately losing 105-94.

Obviously the Pistons aren't trying to dig themselves into large holes. But over the last 11 games, this is the fifth game in which they have fallen behind by double digits. They came back to win three (Cleveland, San Antonio and Toronto) and made the other (Atlanta) very interesting at the end, but this is the one that got away very early and they weren't able to catch up to, despite winning the second half 58-47.

New Orleans was winless on the road against Eastern Conference teams before beating Detroit, but they've also been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. (Rick Mahorn's words on the radio during the first quarter, not mine.) The Pelicans have wins in San Antonio, Houston (pre-Smith) and Oklahoma City, and they took five-loss Golden State to overtime at home. They have other impressive wins, as well. When you have arguably the best player in the game on your team, that certainly helps. At .500, they're not a bad team.

The Pistons were flat as a fallen wall from the start, though, showing zero presence in the paint in the first two quarters, allowing the Pelicans to rack up 32 points there and grab what felt like every rebound available. The Pistons had two rebounds (2!!!) in the second quarter and only 10 in the first half, their lowest first-half total in three years. Omer Asik, who looks like my accountant, was taking Andre Drummond's lunch money. It's no wonder the Pistons were doubled up on the scoreboard in the second quarter, 36-18.

As I mentioned, the Pistons beat the Pelis in the second half, but the damage was already done.

Anthony Davis led all scorers with 27. He wasn't even in the game for the Pelicans' second quarter runaway run.

Box Score


-- Kyle Singler continued his poor play, and he got an earful tonight when he State Farm bounce passed the ball to the Pelicans and then threw his hands up in disgust with himself instead of getting back on defense. He only played 17 minutes.

-- Brandon Jennings scored 15 points in the third quarter, nine of which came at the free throw line. He was clearly frustrated most of the night.

-- Andre Drummond. WOOF.

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