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Greg Monroe gives his Marshawn Lynch impression

Next question. Thank you.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When asked what the Pistons are doing differently to win close games, Greg Monroe looked up at who I'm fairly certain is Fox Sports Detroit's Grant Long, who threw his mic into the ring a little late. After a few seconds of silence from Monroe, Long bops Monroe on the nose with the mic. Monroe continues staring at Long and states, 'Next question.' You can hear Long then say something about Marshawn Lynch, NFL running back infamous for not speaking to the media, and Monroe responds in common Lynch post-game tongue: 'Thank you.'

Watch it here (thanks to mannie32 for posting in the FanShots and Ben Q for re-posting in the preview -- third time's a charm!):

This isn't the first time the players have been asked what's changed since Josh Smith was waived. The entire organization has been nothing but professional about what's clearly different -- Josh Smith isn't on the roster (and Anthony Tolliver is!). Long's late mic push into the frame got Monroe's attention and Monroe decided to just silently glare at him rather than answer the question that came presumably from Monroe's left. Even if Monroe had responded, I think he would've been above any bus tossing.

Either way, this made for some laughs.

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