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Brandon Jennings picked his poison and was phenomenal in pretty killer 20-20 performance

Brandon Jennings provided a huge boost to the Pistons on Wednesday. 20-20 boost.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings only made one basket and had five assists opposite three turnovers in the MLK matinee in Atlanta. Jennings bested that performance in the first quarter on Wednesday night against the Orlando Magic.

In all, Jennings wound up with a career night, a career-high 21 assists and 24 points in a 128-118 win. Jennings knew from the start of the game when he assisted the first five baskets that he was going to have a special night (quotes via Detroit

"The five assists got me going. Once I got in the lane and I knew I could get in the lane all night, I could pick my poison," Jennings said. "Guys are getting easy shots, making easy shots. It's one of those nights."

One of those nights like the 55-point night?

"I don't know what I was on that night but 20-20 is pretty killer."

Jennings added that once he got the 19th assist, he knew he had to get to 20. Already over 20 points, another assist would put him with Steve Nash as the only two players in the NBA to have 20 or more points and 20 or more assists in a single game over the last half decade. He got No. 20 on a lob to Drummond.

"Especially when it's somebody like Nash, a guy who I looked up to and respect a whole lot," Jennings said. "That's pretty awesome."

Stan Van Gundy's thoughts:

"We missed, I'm going to say, half a dozen layups. He could have had 25 assists easily tonight. He was phenomenal tonight. He was getting to the lane and making plays. He was making his shots when he got them. Great bounce back. He had a tough game in Atlanta, but came back tonight and was great."

Here's more of Jennings via Vince Ellis at the Detroit Free Press:

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