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Brandon Jennings has successful achilles surgery

Jennings updated family, friends and fans about his surgery via social media.

If you follow Brandon Jennings' Instagram (thedealer7) or SnapChat (thedealer3), you will know that he had surgery on his ruptured achilles on Monday in New York (got there before the blizzard apparently) and it was successful.  He thanked his family, friends and fans (THAT'S US!!!) for their support.

Jennings has other videos and pictures from his hospital bed on his Instagram page.

As for his recovery, Jennings tweeted "6/9 months" following his MRI on Sunday afternoon, suggesting that is the timetable he was given for his return. However, in the Pistons' official press release on Monday, they stated that there is no official timetable for his rehabilitation. 6-9 months is a safe enough guess.

Hopefully, Jennings will be back on the court and swag-full by training camp next season.

Now your thoughts.