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Stan Van Gundy on 'form a f-cking wall': 'Just a timeout'

Stan Van Gundy was asked about his expletive-laced play call in the final tenth of a second on Tuesday night.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the Fox Sports Detroit feed picked it up, you knew it was going to be a big deal. It was more than just ohhhhhh an F bomb. Obviously that added to it, but it was also Van Gundy's voice cracking. The excitement of the situation. It was metaphorical. The Pistons were about to beat the defending NBA champs in their building for their sixth straight win, a win streak the franchise and its fanbase hadn't enjoyed in six years. It was a moment of moxie. What better way to establish fortitude than forming a fucking wall?

Now, I didn't know it would blow up to become a t-shirt and a feature on ESPN's SportsNation a day later, but it got enough attention to warrant a question about it to Van Gundy before Wednesday night's game [via MLIVE]:

"It was just a timeout, just a regular timeout. I don't know," Van Gundy said before tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks. [...]

"That's funny," Van Gundy said, when told fans have taken his words as symbolism. "It's a one-tenth-of-a-second-to-go play, where it would take a miracle anyway, and all of a sudden, that's the deal. But who knows? If they're having fun with it, it's great. Because it's been tough for our fans this year. So if they're finding something to have fun with, I'm all for it."

I think we're finding fun with the winning and that just added to it. Thank you.