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Revealing new photo of Stanimal surfaces

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Pope and Pistons management's reaction to Adam Silver's presentation of Stanimal as the Piston's 2015 draft pick mirrors surprise felt throughout the NBA world.

Christopher Daniels-DBB News
Christopher Daniels-DBB News

A new photo surfaced yesterday that brought to light the original shock that the presentation of Stanley Johnson caused the Detroit Pistons organization, Piston fans and the news media alike. Previously known as more conservative in nature, many saw Pope's blessing of Stanimal's selection as a nod toward new and previously frowned-upon practices such as the giving in to of Stanimalistic urges. The photo along with Stanimal's surprising play in preseason and summer league play even have many disavowing assertions that the Pistons made a cardinal sin in failing to anoint Justise Winslow the team's savior and key to its resurrection.