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Pistons Links: The Stanley Johnson love continues, some heady offseason moves and more

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Leading up to Tuesday's preseason affair vs. the Indiana Pacers, let's get to some reading on the web, my dear Pistons fanatics.

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The Detroit Pistons are on double secret probation  -- Hardwood Paroxysm

It's Stanley Johnson time, all the time.

So far Johnson has shown that he's going to be an important part of the Pistons plan this season. He's making shots, getting to the rim, and showing effort on defense. The Pistons may look like a bunch of rowdy losers right now, but with the sharp play of Johnson, they could have a surprise season in them, lurking in the shadows. Here's hoping we hear a lot more "STAAAANNNN-LLEEEEE ....... JOHNSON" calls from Auburn Hills this season, enough to get them out of double secret probation.

NBA AM: 5 Rookies Thriving in the Preseason -- Basketball Insiders

(Hat Tip: @hypnowheel)

"It doesn't faze him," Van Gundy said of Johnson, per "In fact, when I told Jodie [Meeks] to handle the ball, Johnson was like, ‘I got this.' He's got a great toughness and confidence about him and I think that showed. So with him, we're working from a pretty good foundation. He's got a lot to learn, but you're working with a very, very good foundation."

The 5 Best Moves The Detroit Pistons Made During The Offseason -- CBS Local

Seemingly accurate list... for now anyway.

And let's hope Aron Baynes can get back on the court in time to stick it to the Spurs this Sunday, his former squad.

Preseason Update: Wildcats in the NBA -- The Daily Wildcat

Making waves thus far, like many predicted, is Detroit Pistons forward Stanley Johnson. Many predict Johnson may take the Rookie of the Year throne if he continues to play at this level once regular-season play begins.

Johnson is averaging 30.6 minutes and 17.7 points per game. The rest of the Pistons have looked sloppy in the preseason with two tough losses to the Nets and the Indiana Pacers.

Jalen Rose Q&A: Fab Five, Larry Bird, his new book and $50k at the club -- SI

Last week Detroiter Jalen Rose talked a bit with Sports Illustrated.

SI.comIn your book, you discuss how growing up in Detroit and events like your father's funeral impacted your life. How did the birth of your daughters and becoming a dad impact you?

Jalen Rose: There are different phases of your life, it's the phase when you're 16 and you get your license and you get a little more freedom from your parents. Then the phase when you're 18, and you're probably in college and it's the first time you don't have a curfew, and then it's the phase where you have to be an adult and be a professional. And the ultimate phase happens mid-to-late 20s to 30s, when all of the bills start to be in your name, that's when your life changes. And also if and when you start to have a family, or have kids. I started having kids, it changes your perspective. It gives you a sense of responsibility you didn't even know you could have, that you're living for someone else. You're responsible for not only helping create this young person, but shaping and molding. It can be nerve-racking, it's the toughest job. That's why I love my mom and grandmother so much, because they did an amazing job. And that's why I dedicated the book to them.

Jalen gives his thoughts about trying to win: I know you're well connected with [Michigan alum and Miami Dolphins owner] Stephen Ross. You have a Detroit connection with Ndamukong Suh. Tell me what's going on with the Dolphins.

Rose: Well when you hear the coach told the defense to take it light on the quarterback in practice, that starts at the top. Now, Ndamukong will tell you, he's my family, he know he need to play better. He knows he needs to be getting up the field, I don't care what technique they're running. I don't care who's standing on the sideline. That sense of urgency showed, by the way, Stephen made a change real quick. He paid a lot of people this summer, he said, "I expect to make the playoffs." You should appreciate as a Dolphins [fan] that they're gonna make moves to try to win. That's what I said about my Pistons last year. Josh Smith was a high-paid player. They still bought him out. I'd rather have that than what I've seen from Philly the past few years. Or some of the rosters the Knicks have put on the floor.

Did someone say Drunken Mailbag?  YES.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may your Tuesday be superb!