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Pistons vs. Pacers lineups: Stanley Johnson starting at small forward

According to Keith Langlois, there is a new starting lineup for the Pistons against the Indiana Pacers.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is time to unleash the Stanimal on the league, as Stanley Johnson will get the start Tuesday night against the Indiana Pacers, according to Keith Langlois.  Marcus Morris will get the start at the 4. Langlois does not give word on whether they are just trying this new lineup out or if it is a permanent change.  He does not mention if Ersan Ilyasova is getting rest tonight or if Stan Van Gundy is just trying to get a different look because it is the preseason.

After Paul George burned the Pistons last game, Stan Van Gundy may just be trying to get some different defenders on him. Morris and Johnson can switch off trying to defend him and see if they can try to stop him from a repeat of last game in which George scored 20 points in the first quarter.  The Pistons are going to have to figure out some solution to containing Paul George before the season starts.  There is no better time to try things out than the preseason.

What do you think about the lineup change, DBB?