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Pistons links: Starting Stanley Johnson, young talent power rankings and more hoops goodness

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Whew, the Pistons don't play the Pacers for a few more weeks, so don't worry about losing again to that wretched roster (OK, it's not that bad of a roster but surely not good). Pistons over Pacers on November 3rd by a half-dozen, you read it here first. Now to the links!

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Detroit Pistons: Why Stanley Johnson Should Start At SF -- Hoops Habit

Stanimal was in the starting lineup vs. the Pacers on Tuesday night. It's likely a trial of some sort, and if the results are positive it could be a regular thing. You never really know, the Stanimal may never come off the bench ever again. Forever ever.

As someone who watched the Phoenix Suns a lot last season, I can say with confidence that Marcus Morris can be a serviceable starter, but nothing more than an average placeholder until something better comes along.

That "something better" is Stanley Johnson, no matter how long it takes for that day to officially arrive. While the Pistons would risk setting off a volatile personality who's still pissed about being traded away from his twin brother Markieff Morris this summer, moving Marcus Morris to the bench and giving Stanley Johnson as much time to develop is the best play here.

Power Ranking NBA Teams by Young Talent -- B/R

Detroit comes in at No. 9 in terms of young talent (under 26 years old).  Let's take a look at those with a higher ranking than Detroit...

Celtics at No. 8:  BEEF -  By virtue of having so many young players, I guess that's the reason for the top 8 ranking? I'll take Detroit's goods.

Warriors at No. 7:  BEEF - Having the Stanimal makes me lean toward Detroit.

Pelicans at No. 6:  No beef.

Wizards at No. 5:  BEEF John Wall and Bradley Beal are stellar.  I really like Otto Porter's development so far.  But no good youthful big man.  I'll take Detroit's goods.

T-Wolves at No. 4:  Absolutely no beef.  (Should be ranked No.1)

Magic at No. 3:  BEEF - I'm doubtful that this youthful talent will ever fit together.  But it's scary if it can. I'll take Detroit's goods.

Bucks at No. 2:  No beef.  Many here at DBB will take issue with this especially high ranking.

Jazz at No. 1:  No beef, but the No. 1 spot is too high.  Doesn't look like any future superstars in the group either.

Four players who are really worth watching in the 2015-16 NBA season -- SI

Didn't expect to see Roy Hibbert on this list.  At any rate, should be riveting to see what silliness occurs in Lakerland this season.

Roy Hibbert

Through the first half of the 2013-14 season, the Indiana Pacers fielded one of the best defenses ever and Hibbert was the runaway favorite for Defensive Player of the Year. Fifteen months later, Indiana dumped his salary to the Lakers so it could sign Rodney Stuckey, Chase Budinger, and Jordan Hill. Despite an eighth-ranked defense last season even in the absence of Paul George and George Hill for a combined 115 games, the Pacers clearly thought they were better off without Hibbert's $15 million salary.

No NBA aesthete loves Hibbert's plodding game, but his season in Los Angeles will prove a fascinating litmus test on the value of the pure rim protectors. Hibbert is basically the only plus defender on the Lakers' roster; L.A. has nothing remotely approaching an average perimeter defender on the roster, along with a coach whose teams have not ranked outside the bottom five in defense this decade.

Mario Hezonja getting fancy -- Vine

2015-2016 Fantasy NBA Preview: Centers -- Hoops Habit

Drummond is considered a second tier option in this preview...

Pistons Fantasy Ranks -- DBB Fan Posts

Happy Wednesday and be extra nice to your neighbor(s) today!