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Andre Drummond admits he took recent battle with Greg Monroe personally

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Drummond admitted seeing Monroe in a Bucks uniform will take some time getting used to.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe were teammates together with the Detroit Pistons over the course of three seasons but facing against each other not in practice but competitively will take some time getting used to.

Drummond admitted as much and added that he took the preseason reunion over the weekend "personal", according to the Detroit Free Press.

"For me, it was a lot different, because I came in a year or two after Greg, so I've watched him grow as a player and watched him mature as a leader as well, too," Drummond said. "Playing against him was kind of a personal thing for me, being on the same floor and him being on the other side. He looked good; it was a good game for us."

Make no mistake, there is no bad blood between the two friends, with the two meeting for dinner the night before the Pistons blew out the Bucks 117-88.

Even though Monroe moved on to sign with Milwaukee in the offseason as a free agent, Drummond insists there's no hard feelings -- though Pistons fans might have different feelings about it on Dec. 4 when the Bucks visit the Palace of Auburn for the first time in the regular season.