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The Longest Oop! will get you hyped for start of Pistons' season

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John Oliver, Steven Yeun, Jimmy Howard and more celebrate all things DEEETROIT BASKETBALL!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh, yes, the alley-oop; the most exciting play in basketball. You usually see the play develop, before the rim gets a'rockin. Often, it will start from the fast-break, perhaps an Andre Drummond swat, then a pass up the floor to Reggie Jackson, and finally a set-up to the big man for an emphatic slam!

So what is #TheLongestOop campaign that our beloved Pistons have bestowed upon the Detroit faithful? It is personified excitement, starting with a pass from Reggie, all leading up to the regular season tip-off Oct. 27 in Atlanta. The Pistons have pulled out all the stops, with guests like John Oliver, Trick Trick and Jimmy Howard, the Walking Dead's Steven Yeun joining in the OOP, you know it's going to be a great start to the 2015-16 season. What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments!

Here are all the videos released so far.

Reggie Jackson gets us started

A slice of Detroit life courtesy of the Heidelberg Project.

Ersan has no time for your texting and latte sipping

Joe Louis with the fist bump

Jimmy Howard vs. Trick Trick

Steven Yeun reppin the D in LA

Also, special shoutout to the Detroit Bad Boys hat.

Papa was a rollin' ball.

Spartan Nation Rise Up!

The Pistons should be show worthy this year.

At least it won't leave a hangover.

Stanimal getting in on the action.

Have you seen this ball?

Hoping the "beats" are on the court

This is Crazy!