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Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal eye extensions with caution

Andre Drummond and Bradley Beal eye extensions warily after John Wall recently expressed displeasure over the state of his.

Christopher Daniels - DBB News
Christopher Daniels - DBB News

Both the Detroit PistonsAndre Drummond and the Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal remain without extensions. Sources say Beal was close to taking the extensions plunge until teammate John Wall expressed displeasure with his and Beal saw plainly that even the best extensions can seem like a good idea at the time but turn out looking foolish in hindsight. Drummond was said to favor the idea of lengthy extensions until he was reminded of what some players including former teammate Josh Smith have said about them in the past. When asked for his take on the subject, Detroit Piston Reggie Jackson was heard saying that extensions were ok for some but that he was quite happy that he had decided against them in his case, despite the bitterness some felt towards his situation.

(Thanks to J Parker Pool for story tip)