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NBA Links: Meet Bobi, Raptors talk, Greg Oden in China and much more

Only two more preseason games left, so show us your happy face. On to the links!

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Kawhi Leonard leads Spurs to preseason win over Pistons -- Pounding The Rock

Boban "Bobi" Marjanovic is the new 'backup' center in San Antonio (he's essentially the only center on the entire Spurs roster).

Don't the Spurs just have it all?  When you got LaMarcus Aldridge, Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw and David West in your front court, may as well flaunt that 7-foot-3 big man like it's nothing.  Learn more about Bobi here and here.

Marjanovic vs. Drummond: Like Simmons, Boban Marjanovic didn't see the court until the fourth. While it was the fourth quarter of a preseason game, Boban didn't get an easy night off; he battled Andre Drummond in the paint in 8 tense minutes. He performed admirably with a pair of putback shots, 5 boards, and a key block in crunch time on Drummond. Marjanovic pushes up and down the floor at a surprisingly fast pace for a 7'3", 290 pound big man, but his lateral quickness is a problem that opposing guards will likely pick on going forward.

Eastern Conference Competition Preview: Are the Pistons better than the Bulls? -- Blog-a-Bull

Pistons won't be better this season, though I'll take the direction of the Pistons roster over the Bulls roster without hesitation.

While this is Van Gundy's second season in town, it really feels like this is Year One of his operation. The intriguing thing about Detroit is that players like Dinwiddie, Bullock and KCP are talented enough to establish themselves as legitimate NBA players (or in KCP's case: a legit starter) this year. People will complain Jackson got too much money (looking at you, John Wall), but I think it's possible he lives up to that deal in the NBA's current financial climate.

The Pistons got better, I think. Are they better than Miami, Milwaukee, Toronto and Washington? Maybe the Raptors. I don't think the Bulls have much to worry about in terms of Detroit finishing with the better regular season record.

2015-2016 Surprises, Potential X-Factors, and Key Question Marks -- Raptors Republic

Good overall read to further know about the Raptors heading into this season. Lots of intrigue on the roster mixed in with normally dependable vets.

The KLow Show

Coming into the second year of his initially pricey, but now seemingly very reasonable contract of $48M over 4 years, Kyle Lowry is in the prime of his career, the best shape of his life, and playing free and easy basketball shooting with a mid-season form. Just based on what we've seen early from him, it's possible that we could see Lowry emerge as a top point guard in the league, and he could be a top-10 regular during the in-season MVP race. The only questions are Dwane Casey's usage and Lowry's durability.

Roundtable: Who will be the NBA's flop team this season -- SI


While John Wall (25) and Bradley Beal (22) have many All-Star appearances in front of them, most of their teammates have their best playing days behind them. Nene, Marcin Gortat, Kris Humphries, Jared Dudley and Drew Gooden are all north of 30 years old and have dealt with injuries or declines in production.

With Randy Wittman still at the helm—and no overhaul in sight—the onus this season will fall on 22-year-old Otto Porter Jr. and 19-year-old rookie Kelly Oubre Jr. to breathe new life into this team. Washington desperately needs players capable of running-and-gunning alongside Wall and Beal, but its front office has left the roster sorely lacking

We really don't know Lamar Odom's pain -- ESPN

Before Lamar woke from his coma, the mourning had prematurely begun. At Chuck Taylor's barbershop in Westchester, California, where Lamar got his hair trimmed for eight years, the master barber says it's all anyone has spoken about.

"Of all the athletes I've had in here -- and I've had them all -- none brought the rookies by to be taken care of," Chuck says. "Every year he was with the Lakers, Lamar brought all the young guys by and took care of their tabs. He was just a . . . I mean, he is just a wonderful human being that people just love being around."

Greg Oden's first game action in China (Video) -- SI


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