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Stan Van Gundy gives update on Brandon Jennings' recovery

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Van Gundy says Jennings is "doing about everything."

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings was putting up solid numbers for the Detroit Pistons last season when he went down with an Achilles injury against his former Milwaukee Bucks team in January.

Although he hasn't been able to rejoin his team just yet, Stan Van Gundy offered some encouraging words after Saturday's practice session about Jennings' progress.

"I don't know exactly the timetable when he'll try to make live moves against defenses and stuff, but he's up to doing almost everything," Van Gundy told the Detroit Free Press. "He's coming around pretty well. His rehab has gone well the last few weeks."

Jennings has been making strides on offense but hasn't done any real work against competition or in defensive drills.

Van Gundy also he hopes to have him back around Christmas time, though that remains a tentative timetable for his comeback. With his continued progress, the return of Jennings on the floor and playing a game before 2016 remains a "reasonable chance" according to coach.