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Detroit Bad Boys Podcast: Preseason talk, roster analysis, & previewing the East

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The podcast is back for the last week of preseason action

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

As the NBA season inches closer, Ben (brgulker) and I use the first episode of the new season to sort out how the Pistons look heading into the new season. Ben starts by reminding everyone it's a brand new team. So we, with the help of special guest Andre Douglas (of Detroit Pulse Radio & The Academy Sports Show), dive into the roster and the chances of being a winning team in Stan Van Gundy's second year.

The roster talk comes with some analysis of the team's play in the preseason thus far, including the continued big play of Stanley Johnson. If you haven't had your daily dose of Stanley swooning, it's here, trust us.

Then the guys compare this year's team to previous Stan Van Gundy teams (like the 09-10 Magic). What could the rotation look like? How does SVG use his forwards? Who earns the final roster spot? We have questions, and we (more or less) have answers!

Finally, we preview the Eastern Conference to get a sense of the contenders and those teams that could be on the outside of the playoffs. After some back and forth, this episode leaves off by trying to piece where the Pistons fit into that puzzle.

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