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Pistons links: More ROY talk, Spencer Dinwiddie writing; and what will Detroit's best lineup be?

We are inching closer to the season opener...inching... inching... To the links we go!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

5 things to watch this week -- MLive

5. A real hot streak?
Teams get on shooting rolls. The Pistons hope to be a better range-shooting team in general this season, and that has played out so far this month, as they try to remain hot right into the regular season. The Pistons have been the NBA's most efficient 3-point-shooting team during preseason, third in both percentage (39.0) and total 3-pointers made (57). Of course, the way the Pistons are allowing opponents to make 3-pointers, at 37.7 percent, they need every one they can make. Bullock, Caldwell-Pope, Johnson and Jackson all are shooting 40 percent or better during preseason on 3-pointers.

Kurt Helin has an extra bold prediction regarding Stanley Johnson -- ProBasketballTalk

Hint:  It has something to do with the ROY.  (I'm so tired of the ROY talk, let the season begin already!)

Hitting the Mat -- The Players Tribune (Spencer Dinwiddie)

During that week, we trained twice a day for a few hours, and trust me when I say it was a workout. Even the things that seemed pretty simple were exhausting - and we're not in bad shape by any means. For example, during the second day of training they asked us to hit a punching bag for five minutes. Easy, right? Two minutes in, all of us were looking at the clock like, "Damn, we still going?"

Of all the guys on the team, Andre Drummond was probably the hardest puncher, but I'd take Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to win a belt if he was competing against the rest of us. Guy's just quick as hell.

2015-16 NBA Preview: Eastern Conference Best Lineups -- CBS Sports

This Season: Reggie Jackson, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Stanley Johnson, Anthony Tolliver, Andre Drummond

I'm not buying Ersan Ilyasova as the best stretch-4 next to Drummond. We're not sure he's actually very good year-to-year, and Tolliver looks to be as good of a shooter and a better team defender.

Anthony Tolliver's role may shrink -- DBB

Having too many (hopefully) solid rotational players on one team is a refreshing problem to have. Please, more of this problem.

Eastern Conference: 6 Preseason Studs -- Basketball Insiders

A couple of Central Division guys make the list.


Let's see what trouble you all can get in to below!