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NBA GMs like, don't love, Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond, Stan Van Gundy

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Latest NBA GM survey sees Pistons players, coaches receive some votes.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The annual survey of NBA general managers has been released and Detroit Pistons players and coaches received some votes, though only Steve Blake made a top-three (for best future head coach).

Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond both received votes for player most likely to have a breakout season. Jackson also received a vote for underrated player acquisition and Drummond received a vote for most athletic player.

The highest ranked players for breakout season were Andrew Wiggins (17.2%), Giannis Antetokounmpo (13.8%), Bradley Beal (10.3%), Jabari Parker (10.3%) and Anthony Davis (6.9%). Top ranks for underrated player acquisition were Ty Lawson (10.3%), Paul Pierce (10.3%), David West (10.3%), Amir Johnson (6.9%), David Lee (6.9%) and former Piston Greg Monroe (6.9%). Top vote-getters for most athletic were Russell Westbrook (34.5%), LeBron James (20.7%), Zach LaVine (17.2%) and Anthony Davis (10.3%).

Stanley Johnson received no votes for rookie of the year or rookie who would be the best player in five years, but he did make the list of biggest steals in the NBA Draft. behind arch nemesis Justise Winslow (31%), Bobby Portis (24.1%), Emmanuel Mudiay (20.7%) and Myles Turner (6.9%).

Stan Van Gundy received votes for making best in-game adjustments and best defensive schemes. Highest vote-getters for in-game adjustments were Gregg Popovich (37.9%), Rick Carlisle (31.0%), Steve Kerr (10.3%) and Jason Kidd (6.9%). Coaches with the best defensive schemes were Popovich (31.0%), Dave Joerger (27.6%), Kerr (13.8%), Steve Clifford (6.9%) and Kidd (6.9%).

Blake (12.5%) trailed only Chris Paul (25.0%) and Mike Conley (14.2%) of GMs who said which player would make the best head coach someday.

Other highlights of the survey included more than half of all GMs predicting the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the NBA title. GMs also said overwhelmingly (86.2%) that they would want to start a franchise with Anthony Davis.