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Andre Drummond contract extension won't happen until summer 2016

According to Keith Langlois, Andre Drummond has told Stan Van Gundy that he wants to delay contract talks until next summer.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Contrary to a previous report that Andre Drummond would likely sign an extension before the Nov. 2 deadline, Keith Langlois sent out a couple interesting tweets Tuesday that say Drummond will not sign a contract extension until next summer.

This is huge news for the Pistons and it shows how much trust has been established with the organization by the players.  Stan Van Gundy and Tom Gores are building credibility through their actions and players know that they will have their backs.

As for basketball reasons, it is pretty obvious.  By holding out on an extension it will give the Pistons about $13 million more in cap room for next summer. That is money that can now be used to chase a big-name player, and try to put this team over the hump. It shows that Andre Drummond is committed to winning and will do whatever is necessary for this team to reach that level.

Obviously holding off on an extension is risky business for any player. A serious injury next year could cost Andre Drummond millions. There is trust in the process and a commitment to making this team better and Andre Drummond knows that the money will be there if he holds off.

UPDATE: Andre Drummond spoke about his decision to delay extension talks until next summer.

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