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Pistons players join drumline, hold impromptu dance off

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Some nifty moves were on display off the court this time

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The preseason is in full swing so in between that small matter of preparing for a grueling 82-game NBA season, there's some precious time left over to have a little fun while welcoming the fans back.

Check out how some Detroit Pistons players joined the drumline at Eastern Market before the Slow Roll event and tried their best to keep up with the beat.

While rookie Stanley Johnson doesn't appear to have too much rhythm when it comes to handling drumsticks, he starts to loosen up a bit near the end.

Perhaps mindful of his next contract, Andre Drummond wisely decides to hang back and keep playing drums instead of busting out any strenuous dance moves.

However, the clear star of the clip is Brandon Jennings. Not only does he show the most skill on the drums, he then shows no fear going head to head with The Dancing Usher.

If his fluid dancing is any indication, he should be back to making moves on the floor soon enough.