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Pistons vs. Hornets final score: Despite Andre Drummond, Detroit lets game slip away against Charlotte

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A "Slow Roll" to a preseason loss.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

These are the games that will keep Pistons fans up at night, as Detroit let the game slip away in the 4th quarter against the Charlotte Hornets, falling 99-94.

Despite leading most of the game, that lead never got comfortable. I think most of the DBB community can guess what happened next.

*waits a second*

All of those who answered, "oh, we probably collapsed in the fourth quarter," win a free pat on the back. If you're looking where to point the finger of blame, first start with our soft fourth quarter defense, as the Pistons were outscored 29 to 18. Then move on to our three-point shooting where the Pistons went 5 for 29 on the night. The three-point shooting is especially worrisome. It's no secret that the Pistons are looking to surround Drummond with shooters for a one-in-four-out type offense. But it's games like these that can make a Pistons fan nervous for how far this team can go.

Despite the loss, we can not overlook the monster game Andre Drummond had. After the team ended the first half with a fat goose egg in the offensive boards column, Drummond started the second half ACTIVE on the boards, and the second chance points followed, ending with 21 points and 15 rebounds.

It also didn't help that KCP left the game in the second quarter with a sore left foot after going 2 for 4 from three-point land. Lord Langlois assured the faithul that x-rays were negative, so rest easy tonight.

Reggie Jackson continues to look like a PG who will flourish under Big Stan's system... if he makes outside shots. Despite some rough looking three-point attempts (which he wasn't alone in) the man had some beautiful assists, finishing the night with 11 dimes and 10 points.

The starting forward combo of Morris and Ilyasova also played well despite some rough stretches. Morris loves the midrange shot a little too much for my taste and Ilyasova had some good in-rhythm looks, but you still need to sell me on him. It'll be very interesting to see who Big Stan goes to in close 4th quarters early in the season. Sometimes the Tolliver effect can not be denied.

As for the Hornets of Charlotte (who are now 7-0 in preseason?!?!), Linsanity had a sneaky 18 points doing the iso-tastic Linsanity shots we know and love. Batum torched both Bullock and Stanimal at stretches for 18 points as well. Throw in Al Jefferson dropping 17 points, most of those in the 4th, and there's your ballgame.

Up next, the Pistons close out their preseason against the Atlanta Hawks and thank you based god we're that close to the regular season.

Lastly, your moment of Zen: Early in the 4th, Rick Mahorn compared Spencer Hawes to Bill Laimbeer. Blaha couldn't even help but balk at the comparison, which led to Mahorn stating that he would, "go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, and punch myself in the face for comparing the two."