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Reggie Jackson sounds confident Andre Drummond will stay with Detroit long-term

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Jackson says the team clearly wants Drummond back and the feeling appears to be mutual.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The decision by Andre Drummond to delay talks on a new deal until next year may have been surprising news, but it makes sense for both parties to wait until then. Though there is some inherent risk, it crucially gives the Pistons added cap flexibility once free agency begins next summer.

So while Drummond might not be technically bound to Detroit for multiple years just yet, his close buddy and teammate Reggie Jackson told Aaron McMann at how he felt about the big man's importance to the franchise.

"He's a big reason, reason 1A-1B, I went solely into staying here," Jackson said. "He was always on me about making sure I signed. So I'm just trying to make sure everything's going in the right direction to still be here and try and make a lot of memories."

So if Drummond was adamant that he should sign a multi-year contract with the Pistons, then he will likely do the same once Drummond becomes a restricted free agent and likely lock up a maximum contract extension next year. For now, Jackson believes it was the right decision for the right time, even if it doesn't come with the immediate guarantee they will be teammates beyond this season.

"It's a mature move either way," Jackson said. "Whatever he decides is what he decides. I just would love to know that I have this guy with me during my tenure being here, wearing this red and blue.

"I just want what's best for Andre. I want what's best for his career. I definitely want him to be here and I want to make a lot of memories and a lot of highlights in the Palace and bring back this city."