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Stan Van Gundy to release hip hop album

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Form A F*cking Wall will be Stan Van Gundy's first foray into Detroit hip hop under the alias Stan da 5'8".

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Christopher Daniels - DBB News
Christopher Daniels - DBB News

In a completely unexpected move Stan Van Gundy's publicist announced late Friday that Van Gundy will be releasing a hard-hitting hip hop album under the alias Stan da 5'8". Form A F*cking Wall will introduce the world to Van Gundy's quirky, old-school vocal style which some have said falls somewhere between Old Dirty Bastard and Biz Markie. Van Gundy has enlisted a star-studded cast of Detroit hip hop luminaries such as Black Milk on production and guests emcees Danny Brown and Guilty Simpson. Tracks set to be on the album include the title track "Form A F*cking Wall", "NYCDAT", "(You Ain't Even Gotta) Tellem", and a remake of the Detroit homegrown classic "It's So Cold In The D". Previously included track "Master Of Panic", penned by and featuring Shaquille O'Neal, was recently rejected as too outdated to fit in with Van Gundy's confident style.