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2015-2016 Pistons odds: Andre Drummond favored to win rebounding title

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After finishing second in rebounds per game in 2014-2015, Andre Drummond is the favorite to take the title from DeAndre Jordan in the new season.

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Here are all the odds you'll need for the 2015-2016 NBA season, which tips off on Tuesday night with three games, including the Detroit Pistons at Atlanta Hawks. Pistons players are highlighted in bold. All odds below courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to Win 2015-16 NBA Regular Season MVP

LeBron James (CLE) 11/4
Anthony Davis (NO) 4/1
Kevin Durant (OKC) 11/2
Stephen Curry (GSW) 6/1
James Harden (HOU) 7/1
Russell Westbrook (OKC) 12/1
Chris Paul (LAC) 16/1
Blake Griffin (LAC) 20/1
LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) 33/1
Derrick Rose (CHI) 33/1
Kawhi Leonard (SAN) 35/1
Carmelo Anthony (NY) 50/1
Kevin Love (CLE) 50/1
Klay Thompson (GSW) 50/1
John Wall (WAS) 50/1
Jimmy Butler (CHI) 66/1
Paul George (IND) 66/1
Dwight Howard (HOU) 66/1
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) 75/1
Marc Gasol (MEM) 80/1
Kyrie Irving (CLE) 80/1
Dwyane Wade (MIA) 80/1
Chris Bosh (MIA) 100/1
Kobe Bryant (LAL) 100/1
Pau Gasol (CHI) 100/1
Al Horford (ATL) 100/1
Damian Lillard (POR) 100/1
Kyle Lowry (TOR) 100/1
Paul Millsap (ATL) 100/1
Tony Parker (SAN) 100/1
Bradley Beal (WAS) 150/1
Draymond Green (GSW) 150/1
DeAndre Jordan (LAC) 150/1
Joakim Noah (CHI) 150/1
Victor Oladipo (ORL) 150/1
Andrew Wiggins (MIN) 150/1
Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 200/1
Eric Bledsoe (PHO) 200/1
DeMar DeRozan (TOR) 200/1
Goran Dragic (MIA) 200/1
Andre Drummond (DET) 200/1
Tim Duncan (SAN) 200/1
Gordon Hayward (UT) 200/1
Serge Ibaka (OKC) 200/1
Reggie Jackson (DET) 200/1
Al Jefferson (CHA) 200/1
Brook Lopez (BRK) 200/1
Tim Duncan (SAN) 200/1
Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) 200/1
Chandler Parsons (DAL) 200/1
Zach Randolph (MEM) 200/1
Ricky Rubio (MIN) 200/1
Nikola Vucevic (ORL) 200/1
Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) 200/1
Deron Williams (DAL) 200/1

Odds to Win 2015-16 Rookie of the Year

Emmanuel Mudiay (DEN) 4/1
Jahlil Okafor (PHI) 4/1
D'Angelo Russell (LAL) 6/1
Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) 6/1
Stanley Johnson (DET) 10/1
Myles Turner (IND) 10/1
Justise Winslow (MIA) 14/1
Mario Hezonja (ORL) 14/1
Kristaps Porzingis (NY) 18/1
Frank Kaminsky (CHA) 25/1
Willie Cauley-Stein (SAC) 28/1
Jerian Grant (NY) 28/1
Sam Dekker (HOU) 40/1
Bobby Portis (CHI) 40/1

2015-16 NBA Points Per Game Leader

Kevin Durant (OKC) 3/2
James Harden (HOU) 9/4
Anthony Davis (NO) 5/1
LeBron James (CLE) 13/2
Carmelo Anthony (NY) 15/1
Damian Lillard (POR) 15/1
Russell Westbrook (OKC) 16/1
Stephen Curry (GS) 20/1
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) 22/1
Blake Griffin (LAC) 25/1
Andrew Wiggins (MIN) 35/1
Chris Bosh (MIA) 50/1
Jimmy Butler (CHI) 50/1
Kyrie Irving (CLE) 50/1
Klay Thompson (GS) 50/1
LaMarcus Aldridge (SAN) 75/1
Kobe Bryant (LAL) 75/1
DeMar DeRozan (TOR) 100/1
Gordon Hayward (UTA) 100/1
Dwyane Wade (MIA) 100/1

2015-16 NBA Rebounds Per Game Leader

Andre Drummond (DET) 3/2
DeAndre Jordan (LAC) 2/1
Dwight Howard (HOU) 11/2
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) 11/1
Rudy Gobert (UTA) 11/1
Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 11/1
Kevin Love (CLE) 14/1
Nikola Vucevic (ORL) 16/1
Anthony Davis (NO) 20/1
Tyson Chandler (PHO) 50/1
Nerlens Noel (PHI) 50/1
Kenneth Faried (DEN) 65/1
Pau Gasol (CHI) 65/1
Greg Monroe (MIL) 65/1
Zach Randolph (MEM) 65/1

2016-16 NBA Assists Per Game Leader

Chris Paul (LAC) 1/2
Rajon Rondo (SAC) 5/1
John Wall (WAS) 11/2
Ricky Rubio (MIN) 17/2
Ty Lawson (HOU) 16/1
Russell Westbrook (OKC) 16/1
Stephen Curry (GS) 20/1
LeBron James (CLE) 20/1
Reggie Jackson (DET) 30/1
Elfrid Payton (ORL) 30/1
Kyle Lowry (TOR) 50/1
Jeff Teague (ATL) 50/1

The Pistons have 150/1 odds to win the NBA championship, worse from 100/1 odds a month ago. 3-5 preseason? Not sure. Their NBA odds to win the conference have also gone down from 75/1 to 100/1. They have 66/1 odds to win the Division. The win total was a source of popular discussion when it first came out, but the original 34.5 total has gone up to 36.5 now and I've seen it as high as 38.5. I'd still take the over 36.5, but not with as much confidence. If you're into game-by-game NBA picks, we'll have the odds for each game listed in the respective GameThread.

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