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Jodie Meeks x-rays reveal Jones fracture of right foot

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Really not a good start to Jodie Meeks' season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jodie Meeks' sore right foot has been downgraded to a fracture, according to Keith Langlois. Meeks limped off the court a couple minutes into the second quarter and was quickly ruled out for the rest of the game while he underwent x-rays. Unfortunately, Meeks and the Pistons couldn't dodge the injury bullet with these x-rays, as the images came back showing a fracture.

The medical term for Meeks' break is a Jones fracture. If you recall, this is the same foot fracture that Kevin Durant suffered last season. While Durant was initially given a 6-8 week timeline by the Oklahoma City Thunder, he required multiple surgeries to get things straightened out and was ultimately lost for the season. Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys is currently looking to return from the same injury within his 4-6 week timeframe.

No timetable is being given for Meeks at this time.

We'll update as soon as more information becomes available.

Reggie Bullock, your time to shine is now, young man.