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Jodie Meeks to miss at least three months with broken foot

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For the second straight year, Jodie Meeks will miss a large chunk of the beginning of the season.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons announced today that Jodie Meeks will miss 12 to 16 weeks while he recovers from his Jones fracture. This timetable is a bit longer than expected considering it is double the original diagnosis Kevin Durant received last year for a Jones fracture. However, that could be due to the placement of the fracture and/or procedure needed.

As was evidenced with Durant last year, this recovery can be difficult. Durant missed 55 games last year which ended his season. Meeks has a chance to be back for a playoff push should the Pistons be in the mix come March. However, it took a while for Jodie to regain his form last year. So let's hope he's ready for the first round.