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Reggie Jackson has precautionary MRI on achilles, unlikely to play Tuesday

The Pistons' point guard of the present (and future) is out with a sore achilles.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, don't freak out, but it's certainly not 'no news' to read that your $80 million point guard is dealing with a sore achilles and needed an MRI on Monday. Especially after what what happened to Brandon Jennings, which was part of why the Pistons went out and acquired Jackson in the first place. Per Keith Langlois:

Again, it doesn't sound serious, being described as "precautionary." Also, Jackson doing anything at all in practice is enough to suggest it's very minor in nature. Even if the MRI comes back normal and Jackson wakes up feeling better on game day, it wouldn't make sense to allow Jackson to aggravate something in the preseason. We'll update when we know more.

(That's Adonis Thomas referenced with Jackson in Langlois' tweet, by the way.)

Now your thoughts.