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Guess the Pistons player by their tattoos

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Pistons took part in a tattoo photo shoot while also opening up about the inspiration for their ink.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons, like many NBA teams, have many players with many tattoos. However, MLive recently held a photo shoot where the players showed off their ink and told the personal stories ranging from hometown roots, faith, family members to an evil doll named Chucky.

Yes. Chucky.

Anyway, the piece is inspired and great and fans should definitely check it out. The feature consists of player images, tattoos, dates of said tattoo and the inspiration.

However, I wanted to have a little fun and see if Pistons fans could guess the players by the tattoos on display. I've covered faces and numbers as appropriate, and some are definitely easier than others. '

Of course, I wish MLive would have thought of this last year so I could finally learn what Greg Monroe's chest tattoo was.

Origininal photos by Mike Mullholland : unless otherwise noted.

Tattoo 1

Tattoo 2

Tattoo 3

Tattoo 4

Tattoo 5

Tattoo 6

Tattoo 7

Tattoo 8

Tattoo 9

Tattoo 10

Tattoo 11

Congratulations! But how about a few more just for fun.

Bonus Round

Tattoo -- Moosey Edition

Photo credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Tattoo -- Classic Rock Edition

Original photo courtesy of Rolling Stones Records/Virgin Records under fair use via Wikimedia Commons

Tattoo -- Da plane, da plane edition

Photo in the public domain

Tattoo -- Questionable Sexuality Edition

Photo courtesy of Rodin Alexey courtesy of a Creative Commons license.

Answers Key

1. Adonis Thomas, 2. Marucs Morris, 3. Stanley Johnson, 4. Reggie Bullock, 5. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 6. Eric Griffin, 7. Steve Blake, 8. Darrun Hilliard, 9. Andre Drummond, 10. Brandon Jennings, 11. Cartier Martin.

Bonus Round

1. Greg Monroe, 2. The Rolling Stones Tattoo You, 3., Mr. Roark, left, and, Tattoo, right of Fantasy Island, 4. Members of the group t.A.T.u.