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Reggie Jackson 'good to go' against Brooklyn Nets

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Reggie Jackson, who missed the preseason opener against the Indiana Pacers, is good to go against Brooklyn tonight. Plus, other injury updates.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Forget the flu bug, point guards have had their own injury bug this season. Derrick Rose suffered an orbital fracture just recently, adding to his long list of injuries. In the Pistons preseason opener, George Hill suffered a sprained ankle. And for the Pistons, in training camp Steve Blake suffered a concussion and Reggie Jackson suffered a thigh contusion followed by experiencing right Achilles soreness. Well, according to Detroit Pistons web editor Keith Langlois, Jackson is "good to go" in tonight's game against Brooklyn.

That's great, because Spencer Dinwiddie had a hard time holding his own as the lead guard in the preseason opener. Now Stanley Johnson won't have to play point guard at all and will begin to settle in at small forward. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Also on the injury front, Steve Blake has made progress.

Are you excited to have Reggie back? Do you think this will help Stanley Johnson since he'll be playing less with the ball? Should we trade Reggie and make Stanley our Pistons Everything Of The Future? Sorry, that must be my Stanimalistic Urge.

Other Injury Updates

That is not the end of the Pistons injury woes. Adonis Thomas who is also suffering Achilles soreness missed the preseason opener and will also miss tonight. Aron Baynes, who is getting closer to full strength after his ankle surgery this summer, will also be out tonight. Cartier Martin suffered a hand sprain in practice last week and will miss tonight's game.