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Pistons vs. Nets: Grading the players

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On a scale of zero to 10, how well did each Pistons player play vs. Brooklyn?

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A new series we at DBB would like to run this year is player grades on a game-by-game basis. These grades will be based not only on the box score, but also how well they looked on the floor. Each player who sees the floor will be given between a 0 and a 10 based on their performance.

The Pistons lost to the Nets 93-83. It was ugly. But how did the players perform?

Ersan Ilyasova: 7.5

Ilyasova was just about the only Pistons player who you could say had a good game against the Brooklyn Nets. He showed some craftiness around the basket, played decently on defense and rebounded. He led the team with 15 points and secured seven rebounds.

Stanley Johnson 7.0

Johnson struggled for most the game, mostly due to his team as a whole not being able to establish any rhythm or flow offensively. With Reggie Jackson back, Johnson had the ball in his hands much less this game and didn't make much of an impact. Late in the game, however, he started pushing the ball and trying to make things happen. Notching 12 points, seven rebounds, two steals and two blocks on a night when you struggle isn't a bad showing for a rookie. I'm still all aboard the Stanley Johnson Express.

Andre Drummond: 5.5

Drummond struggled mightily trying to defend Brook Lopez, but Lopez is a beast to slow down. Unfortunately, Drummond also forced his offense most of the night. While his offensive moves seem less robotic this year than last, his problem against the Nets was that his decisions seemed predetermined. It was like he knew he was going to shoot it as soon as he received the pass instead of taking what the defense was giving him. You don't have to shoot, big fella.

Marcus Morris: 5.0

Morris shot it efficiently enough, but he didn't bring much on either end of the floor tonight. The best thing you can say about Morris is that he has enough handles to create nice scoring opportunities in mid-range. Still, you'd like to see more than three rebounds from a player Morris' size.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 4.5

Pope was the biggest victim of the team's complete lack of offensive flow. He didn't get many good scoring opportunities, and forced the action a few times when he actually got his hands on the ball. Definitely a game to forget.

Reggie Jackson: 4.0

This might seem like a high grade for Jackson considering how out of sorts he looked, and by extension the entire team looked. Jackson had six turnovers on the night and I'm not sure how much he's been able to practice with his teammates considering his injury issues but he looked like he hadn't shared the floor with anyone in a while. Poor decision-making, bad passes, careless dribbling. It was just an ugly night. Needs to knock the rust off and establish rapport with his teammates. Hopefully sooner than later.

Spencer Dinwiddie: 3.0

Not sure what to make of Spencer's game. Dinwiddie shot 3-of-4 and had four assists, but all I remember while watching him were all the bone-headed choices he made. He just did not look like someone ready to play meaningful minutes in the NBA.

Anthony Tolliver: 2.5

Tolliver is paid to bomb away from deep, and tonight he was 1-of-5. Only grades higher than the other gunner on the team because he contributed some rebounds (4) and assists (3).

Jodie Meeks: 2.0

Meeks played 20 nondescript minutes. I wouldn't necessarily blame him because his teammates failed to find him open looks.

Joel Anthony: 2.0

Anthony had a nifty block, but that's about all he contributed in 13 minutes of action.

Stan Van Gundy: 5.0

The Pistons played just about as bad in the first half as humanly possible. Detroit had more turnovers (17) than field goals (12). Again, they had 17 turnovers IN THE FIRST HALF. Something tells me, Van Gundy ripped the team a new one because in the second half the team only turned it over four times. But they still couldn't defend and they still couldn't shoot.

Team: 3.0

When the Pistons can't function at the point of attack just about everything is going to subsequently break down. With Jackson and Dinwiddie struggling so mightily tonight, everyone else suffered. The shooters couldn't shoot, Drummond forced the issue and everything was just a slog. Just be glad it doesn't count and that it's over.

Do you agree with the player grades? Let us know in the comments.