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Pistons links: Solid effort against the Golden State Warriors, but Andre Drummond and Detroit rising together

It was a fairly enjoyable game to watch, but just too many Piston turnovers to overcome. And those Warriors, you know, aren't half bad at making shots.

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Warriors claw past Pistons -- Golden State of Mind

SEGABABA means the second game of a back-to-back

Drummond was meh, but I haven't seen enough of him this year to determine if that was because of the Warriors' defensive scheme or SEGABABA or just him being meh. But the duo of young mustangs the Pistons have in KCP and Johnson are pretty impressive from a pure hustle and defensive intensity standpoint.

Drummond, Detroit Rise Together --

Let's take a closer look at the run Drummond is on right now. In his first three seasons in the NBA, Drummond had a total of four 20/20 games and now has three in the first six games of his fourth NBA season.

Last season, there were a total of 18 20/20 games in the entire NBA, with Drummond accounting for two of them; DeAndre Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins led the way with four apiece. Drummond is only one behind that mark and this season isn't even two weeks old.

Through six games, Drummond is averaging a 20/20 with 20.3 points and 20.3 rebounds per game. He ranks 19th in scoring and first in all rebounding categories (overall, offensive and defensive). He has also added 1.8 steals (18th in league) and 1.8 blocks (15th in league) per game as part of Detroit's six-ranked defense (allowing 94.6 points per 100 possessions).

While this run to open the season is incredible, it is likely not sustainable. Consider the total number of 20/20 games in the NBA over the past three seasons:18 in the 2014-15 season, 19 in 2013-14 and 18 in 2012-13. Drummond has three of the four 20/20 games in the NBA this season; Houston's Dwight Howard has the other.

Detroit's Dynamic Duo -- But The Game Is On

There is a lot to like about the team Van Gundy has assembled in Detroit. The Pistons are still missing a J.J. Redick-caliber marksman who can take their spacing to the next level (perhaps Jodie Meeks will be that guy when he returns from injury), and who knows what will happen when Brandon Jennings returns. But this team makes sense, structurally and in the way they play. Detroit grinds out games on both ends of the floor, relying on Drummond to anchor its defense and to combine with Jackson to diversify its offensive attack.

NBA Power Rankings -- NESN

Maybe if you are curious what the New England Sports Network thinks. It was published on Monday prior to the Golden State game.

8. Detroit Pistons (5-1): Andre Drummond's 29-point, 27-rebound performance Sunday night was his third 20/20 output in six games. He's a monster. Last week: 8

29. Philadelphia 76ers (0-6): Jahlil Okafor is averaging 19.7 points through six games. We're just trying to find silver linings here. Last week: 29

30. Brooklyn Nets (0-7): There are no silver linings here. Last week: 30

The 15-Footer 11/9/2015: The Surprising Detroit Pistons take a crack at the Warriors -- Hardwood Paroxysm

Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors, 10:30 PM

The game of the night is in Golden State both because the Warriors are playing on a slow night and because the Pistons have been so surprisingly good early this season. How Golden State plays Andre Drummond is the real thing to watch in this game, especially after Drummond's 29 point. 27 rebound effort on Sunday. Detroit doesn't really have enough to hang around and win this game because of their bench, especially on the second night of a back-to-back, but the starters could make it a bit tougher on Golden State than some teams have this year. If not, Stephen Curry is always a threat to go for 50, which makes him always watchable anyway.

Bold is my emphasis. That's right, the Pistons' bench outside of Stanley Johnson didn't do a whole lot against the Warriors. Putting it mildly, Steve Blake didn't exactly have his finest showing of his career in the second half. Steve still may be several days or a week away from being in prime playing shape.  I say, give him another game or two -- then if poor performances continue then it's probably time to begin the 'bench him' talk / whining.

And... HEY, the Pistons have a baller known as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, making Stephen Curry not always a threat to score 50.

On to the Sacramento Kings tomorrow. Cousins vs. a rested Drummond.  Bring it on!