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Andre Drummond wants Pistons to learn from Warriors loss

The Pistons played a tough game against the Golden State Warriors and came up short. That was not good enough for Andre Drummond.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that has been more impressive than the numbers that Andre Drummond has put up this year, is the fact that he is growing into a leader right before our eyes. The Pistons are Andre's team now and he is stepping up and taking the lead. He made comments last year before the season about how he wanted to become a leader, but did not really step up into that role as well as people thought he would.

During the tough loss to the Golden State Warriors on Monday, Andre Drummond wasn't satisfied with the Pistons' performance. He threw a towel on the camera going into halftime.

While some people may view Drummond's frustration as pouting, it shows a fire that has not been present on this team in years. Players have been accepting losing and it became a part of their attitude. As the Pistons have gotten off to a surprising start to this season, a huge part has been an added toughness.

This team wants to win and they think that they will no matter who they are playing. There was talk during the offseason about who would step up and become a leader on such a young team. Everybody wanted it to be Andre Drummond, but there were doubters on whether that would happen. This tweet by Andre Drummond after the game, believe it or not, shows his leadership and maturity.

The tone of the tweet makes it clear: Andre Drummond is not satisfied with respectable hard-fought losses or good performances without a W. Andre Drummond wants the Pistons to win, and they'll do what they must to get there.