The Chrome Thread: Off-Topic Central, 1st Edition

Hey everybody!

The master of the 'off-topic' is here to enhance your OT whims and desires!

So that this captures your personal interests, I'll start out with a general hello, and if you feel like greeting the community back, then fire a comment!

Got anything on your mind right now? Share it in the post. It could be good news from your world, bad news, or just confusing news. Particularly, if you have something that currently vexes you, share it with us. You never know what will happen ... plenty of us have had experience in plenty of areas, so you may get a response that helps you along the path, or at least clears the fuzzy picture for you.

And the sharing doesn't have to be super-important, like what to name your first-born, or a relationship dilemma ... it could just be asking about what brand of merchandise to buy!

Now that I've satiated your personal interests, here is one of mine. I assure you, all of my interests ... they're TL;DR, but if you follow me into my cave, I will not eat you for dinner!

Video Games

What are you playing right now? I currently am editing map mods I've made for Civ 5. So not really playing, but mostly tinkering, which is what I love almost as much as playing a game.

Does the data surprise you? It did surprise me.

Politics and gaming probably aren't the most likely mix you'd think of, but really, politics affect everything humans do. If there are humans involved, then there are politics, of that I can assure you.

And if you are excited because today is Fallout 4 day, then here's another enhancement to your Fallout enjoyment that you should consider!

They just completed Season 3. And currently, Shoddycast mixes a really good story around a character they created (The Storyteller), who is a Brotherhood of Steel operative travelling the American Wasteland with his sidekick, an Eyebot named EDNA.

Each season gets better ... and they're going to make more seasons! I highly recommend this YouTube series for both Fallout fans and those curious about the Fallout story universe. It will entertain and get you familiar with all the stuff in the Fallout world!

They also do other franchises too! When you want lore, they're great for it!

Lastly, this is not meant to replace OT in comments sections. That's pretty much a defining character of DBB. Look at OT threads as places to release OT stuff that you really have no idea where else to put a comment. Think of OT posts as OT, ENHANCED!

Go Pistons!

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