RIP, Ron Marshall

Long time DBB member Ron Marshall suffered a stroke on Friday, November 13th and slipped into a coma. He passed away on Sunday the 15th.

Ron was famous for getting under the skin of DBB's more celebrated posters. I remember he and Mike Payne debates running throughout an entire afternoon, with neither one willing to give up the last word. He loved to argue, but he was always jovial and positive. He was very inviting to new members and guests, always supportive of anyone who thought outside of the box.

He had his opinions, but moreso he was known for his winding schemes and plans. Posting trade scenarios involving 5 teams and 20 players, he was a true mad scientist when it came to putting together his ideal Pistons line up. That mad scientist mentality also made him the king of our mock draft this past summer. Wheeling and dealing throughout the process he and his Indiana Pacers ended up with like a quarter of the first round picks. He had more fun than anybody with that project and I already know that there's no way next year's draft will be as much fun without him. I'm thinking about naming the draft after him.

I for one always got along well with Ron and looked forward to his posts. Gone too soon, rest well, Ron Marshall.

a gofundme has been set up to help his wife and sister cover the massive expenses of the treatment and funeral.

[Ed. note - bumping this to the front page -- RIP to a fellow passionate Pistons fan, one of DBB's loyal own.]

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