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Reggie Jackson had an 'awful' game vs. Lakers

And an awful end to a 2-4 road trip.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Jackson has to be one of the happier Detroit Pistons that the six-game West Coast trip is over.

When the Detroit Pistons re-signed Reggie Jackson to a five-year, $80 million contract, many fans were optimistic that it would turn into a steal of a deal. A hefty 27-game sample was reasonable support. After 10 games, though, the results simply haven't carried over, yet.

Jackson was terrible in the Pistons' final four games of the road trip, all losses, turning the ball over 17 times, which was more than his 16 total assists! Jackson was especially awful against the Lakers, and when the free-speaking coach/prez invests $80 million in you, he's bound to let you know exactly how bad you played, as Stan Van Gundy did after Sunday's game:

"His decision making was terrible, he was trying to go behind his back in the middle of the lane, he was up in the air. Look, he just had a really bad night. The guy has had a heavy work load on this trip, the two wins we got were largely him taking over late in the game and I think he is a little worn down. Today I think mental fatigue too, he just was a little bit out of it today and his decision making was bad. But guys are going to have bad nights and he had an awful one tonight."

Van Gundy let his frustrations be known about the team's over-dribbling and lack of passing after the Sacramento loss and Jackson obviously didn't take any of that upon himself to correct.

Through ten games, Jackson's averaging five assists and four turnovers per game.

More in a minute maybe.