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Kobe Bryant and Doc Rivers have high praise for Andre Drummond

The young center is getting praise from all across the NBA landscape.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent ESPN article, Kobe Bryant, Doc Rivers and more heaped praise on Andre Drummond.

From the Arash Markazi article:

"He is taking his game to a whole new stratosphere," Kobe Bryant said Sunday after Drummond registered 17 points and 17 rebounds in the Pistons' 97-85 loss to the Lakers. "I told him before the game just to keep going. It's amazing. I feel like you've done a good job if you're getting 17 rebounds. That's crazy."

Doc Rivers also expressed amazement at Drummond's game, likening him to another Pistons legend.

"He's doing the old Dennis Rodman where you go under the rim and barrel your way back and with his body," Rivers said. "I don't know how you stop that, and that's been taught. Give him credit because he's teachable and he's worked on it and give Stan credit because it's been taught."

Onwards and upwards for Andre.